Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Peak a Boo

This former Yankee loves the ladies and the ladies loved this Mr. Big lookalike. Unfortunately he had a commitment problem..........and not the kind of commitment problem you might think.

It can be a difficult task to get one of the hottest Yankee's alone, when a groupie finally gets down to business, it should be worth the effort. Unfortunately, this Yankee tends to fall short of groupie expectations. You see he liked to look and not touch. And when I say look..................I mean look right up there. It seems he had a Jimmy Swaggert complex of playing peak a boo with his conquests, which we are sure was fulfilling for him, but give a girl a break. Because quite frankly, peak a boo isn't doing a thing for us.

You might think this means the guy is suffering from "hide my penis because it is small syndrome", but for those few that have seen (not touched), say it was fine in size, just short on delivery.............at least for them.

Maybe he was germ phobic, or this was his idea of not cheating or maybe he is just a peaking freak.

Groupie politics

Groupies are sneaky above everything else, they usually spend much of their time trying to manipulate situations that will benefit them and their wants and needs.
Case in point, a certain New York area groupie was hot for a former Oakland A's pitcher. Wishing for an opportunity to get close to him, she resorted to throwing another innocent groupie under the bus for her own benefit.
A poster at a popular site, innocently posted about wanting to try to hook up with this player. The opportunistic New Yorker concocted a story that the player and security were alarmed about. The now former American league pitcher was warned about a certain groupie from a popular message board that may be trying to "meet him" during a road trip last season. It was added that the groupie wanted to post on the website about any encounter that she might have with him.
The New Yorker seized the opportunity to warn the player with the meritless story and he was so grateful that she was looking out for him, that he rewarded by hanging out with her and some friends. At the end of the night she enjoyed a three-way with him and a teammate.
Despite the best efforts of friends of the board to challenge the credibility of the story, security had no choice but to take it seriously.

Sadly many people blamed security for taking their jobs too seriously, but they were just doing their jobs.

Well after the three way the New Yorker returned to Yankees land and the player and his friend returned to the NL East.

MLB Groupies on Groupies

Welcome to our blog. We have been lurking at the other blogs (On The DL and Good With Diamonds) for some time now and have come to realize that there are pleanty of groupies with stories about MLB players.
Sadly, we have also come to realize that there are an equal share of psychos out there on these boards and blogs that are willing to do or say anything to draw attention to themselves.
There is a thin line between the truth and fiction and we will try to bring that line into focus.
This blog is dedicated to the stories we have from groupies and even some stories about the groupies that we know and the stories that they tell.